Monday, December 3, 2018

Review: The Clues to Kushachuma by Adam B. Ford

     The Clues to Kushachuma is a, at times serious and even a little science fiction, scavenger hunt story. The story follows twins, Allan and Allison, on their larger than life scavenger hunt on their summer vacation at their uncle's fantastical ranch. Along their journey, the twins make new friends, enemies, face great perils, and find more than they ever imagined possible.
     TCTK was a fun read, at times unsure of its genre, shifting between quite serious undertones and fun, fantastical clues and adventures. The story had a very sweet conclusion, in ways, and the story was an interesting, larger than life adventure.
     While at times the story was poor with pacing and jolting with the shifts in genre, it is still an interesting and fun read for the fan of the scavanger hunt novel.

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